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August 31, 2012

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Board Members at the April 21, 2012 reunion 

front row Diana  Callahan, Debra  Bodin, Nordine Broussard, Irma Bodin, and Gaynell Barras

Back row C. Michael Bodin, Travis Callahan, Ivy Bodin, Wayne Bodin, Larry Bodin, and Paul Breaux

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                                         Trip to France, Italy & Spain 2012 

                          by Larry D. Bodin

My trip in 2011 to Europe was supposed to be my last trip, but everyone knows how that goes. I do think that this was my last one, one more time. Since I am back I have been having trouble with my knee and if it would have been like that during the trip, the trip would have been out. Our trip consisted of myself, Ruby and Jim Mestepey. They were already planning their trip when I came into the picture. Their daughter was supposed to be going and had to cancel so they invited me to go along. At first I had declined but later reconsidered. Most of our trip was centered around the Mediterranean Sea


Our first week we spent at Jim & Ruby’s friends home. Jim had worked in France at one time and made friends with this couple. From their home we were able to visit Italy area, as well as Cannes ,  and Monte Carlo . Later in the trip we visited LaChaussee, where the Robicheaux families came from. Ruby was interested in that history because she was a Robicheaux before marriage. We saw the castle the Robicheaux family lived near and got to speak to the current owner. It was raining that day so we could not do all we intended to do. We stayed at a bed and breakfast in a town called Loudun, near LaChaussee. While at Loudon, we were the closest to Noirmoutier than any other place on the trip but that was not our focus of the trip. 


While at Lachaussee we took a tour of the museum there and the tour person happened to have a Bodin connection, her name is Michele Bodin Touret . We have communicated electronically  several times since I am back. She has common names of our family and is from the area we are from. We are having trouble making a connection because of the records during the revolution period. Common names in her line are Pierre, Jean Baptist, Charles, Henri and those are common in our line. We have to see if Jean Baptist and Pierre were either brothers are cousins. 


Our second week was spent at a condo in Canet and from there we visited Barcelona . I had seen the Mediterranean Sea in Barcelona several years ago, but this trip really gave me a different look which was much more picturesque. In Italy we visited St. Margarita, Portafina,  and Camaldi. The area between the road and the sea were just as picturesque as could be with  large villas. Ruby did fall on the trip but luckily she got by for the rest of the trip with a little tender loving care from Jim.  Recently she began to walk without a boot that she had been wearing since she got back

After she got back she found out that she had broken a small bone in her foot and recently  she began to walk with a boot that she has been wearing since she got back. We had a good driver, Jim, and plenty of map readers between the three of us. It took me several days into the trip to finally learn how to read a map. Jim and Ruby were already proficient at it since they had taken many trips before to Europe , we also had a GPS and that helped a lot especially when we took the wrong road, but that did not happen too often. In France we also visited Avignon , which is where the Pope lived  for several centuries also Limoges , famous for its table ware.





At the reunion there was some discussion of perhaps trying to plan a future group trip to Noirmoutier . It was decided that it would be easier for individuals to plan and book their own trips due to the many variables involved in planning overseas travel.


If you do make that trip please keep notes so that you can send me an article about your trip. 


 I am still waiting on news to generate a new newsletter. Please send any info that you may have . 

Old news, old stories, old documents would be great.

Any submissions will be greatly appreciated and a large or small article would help greatly. I 

have a proofreader and can correct grammar and spelling on any submission.


Remnants of Josephine Bodin Provost LeBlanc Plantation

By Larry D. Bodin


This story has been on the back burner for some time now and so I thought it was time to put it together before I forget some of the details.

Documentation of this story is from :

Fort de Chartres, Illinois being restored, 1986 by Michael R. Rogers,

Descendants of Nicholas Provost by Dr. Kennell Philip Brown, Franklin, LA Courthouse.

After the 2010 reunion, I went to visit Father Crumley, who was the guest speaker at our reunion that year. In a casual conversation we began to speak about Mike Rogers,

 and Father could tell by my conversation that I did not know that Mike had passed away. In fact I found out that Mike had passed in January of that year. Mike was a genealogist and made many trips to the courthouse in Franklin and on many trips would stop in and visit me at the store in Franklin. On many occasions he had mentioned an old building near the Yellow Bowl that had a connection to the family. He had never shown me exactly where it was.

When Father Crumley told me he had passed that was the first thing I thought of, him not ever showing me where it was. After that surprise I began to ask around and after mentioning it to my Uncle

Francis, he said he had an idea about the location of the building. So the next week end we decided we would go to see if we could find the building. We did find the building its located on Hwy 182.

19343 and Carroll Bonin lives in front of the building. Carol was very interested in what we knew about the building and also gave us the current history of the building. That property was in his family from long ago. He said that the building is well known to genealogist, history department, engineering classes because if it’s age.

He was barbequing at the time under his carport and gave us permission to take pictures and walk around and view the building. The building was part of the Sorrell Plantation. This was the land of the Provost’s and that is where Dr. Brown and Mike Rogers come into play. They are both descendants of the Provosts.


I originally met Dr. Brown through Mike. I remember the first time I met Dr. Brown, he got down on his knees and begged did I have a picture of Josephine Bodin Provost LeBlanc and my answer was negative. After speaking with Dr. Brown, I came to the realization that if he did not have one, there was none to be had. I have on several occasions made an attempt to find relatives but always met a dead end. I have a signed copy of Dr. Brown’s work and have used it on many occasions. His work was done before Father Hebert’s books were published, so he got the records directly from the churches and got his pictures and history from family members. I am sure along the way he was asking for any pictures the family had. Dr. Brown published his book in 1957 and now he is deceased. The building that remains was part of the homestead of Josephine Bodin and Ursin Provost, Jr.


Ursin had first married Celeste Penn (sister of Henri Penn) she died in 1845 and they had two children (Pierre and Therese).

They passed away at young ages so there were no lines to follow. Ursin’s second marriage was to Josephine Bodin in 1846 and they had three children (Joseph, Antoine and Marie Azema) Joseph

Alcide was mayor of Jeanerette (1880’s) and also bought the property of Pierre Ulysee Bodin at a

Sheriff Sale and Zulmee R. Haydel bought it back from him later. Ursin died in 1851 leaving seven children for Josephine to look after.


In 1854, Gregoire Bodin, Josephine’s father, bought the plantation they were living on, which was the estate of Ursin Provost. It was the same property that had been purchased by Ursin. In 1854 Josephine married her brother-in-law Eugene LeBlanc, (Eugene being the brother of Jean Baptist, husband of Caroline Bodin Leblanc). Eugene and Josephine had two children (Eugene and Euginie). Both died of yellow fever in 1867, seven days apart in 1867 and are buried in New Iberia all in the same plot with Ursin, Jr. and his first wife Celeste. The plot is near the cross in the center of the cemetery in New Iberia.


At the time of Josephine & Eugene’s death

Joseph was 20, Ursin was 19, Marie Azema was 17, Eugenie was 13 and Eugene was 8. In previous

Newsletters articles were written about Joseph Alcide Provost and also an article about the purchase

of the plantation by Gregoire Bodin for Josephine, it may have been a wedding present when she married Eugene. So if we look at some dates, Gregoire died in 1865, two years later three died of

Yellow Fever, Augustine Richard, Eugene and Josephine Bodin LeBlanc.


Some of the many families with ties to the Provost family are Guiberteau, Drulhet, Brown, ( Felix the son of Godfrey Provost married Mary Inez Bodin in 1917, daughter of Aldolph Bodin and Clara Trimble, Aldolph being the son of Ernest, Ernest being the son of Norbert Bodin first marriage.) Stanbury, LeBourgeois, Minvielle, Schexnayder, Trappey, Rogers, Girard, Haydel, Gonsoulin, Vincent, Yeutter, Weber, Moresi, Lancon, Dooley, Daigle, Krepper and Judice.


The farm where the building is located near the Yellow Bowl is being farmed by the Gonsoulin Brother's farm.

* Dr. Brown’s book was printed by Bob Angers, Franklin Banner Tribune.

* Carrol Bonin says the Tulane and LSU engineering schools have visited the building and taken pictures.

* Dr. Brown (deceased) was the brother of Carl Brown (deceased) and Carl was the husband of

Jo Ann Bodin, Jo Ann the daughter of John & Yvonne Bodin.





We have recently been contacted by Cousin Mary Dugas who just discovered our web page. She sent the picture below.

Norbert Bodin and wife Melisse Veret and six of their children (Dennis, Dina, Jean-Charles, Flora, Marie-Cecile, and baby Robert Paul, the Grandfather of Mary Dugas.



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