Confederate Soldiers Buried 

In Vermilion Parish


After 19 years we still work  catalog C.S.A soldiers that are interred in Vermilion Parish, LA.

Diana cataloging the grave of John Dastas ,Co. H Miles La Legion CSA, December 09, 2000

The gravesite is in Broussard Cemetery One mile West of Meridian Lane Road on Cemetery Road near the Little Chapel Southwest of Kaplan, LA




Diana at the largest Oak tree we have ever seen located at the Greene Cemetery at Forked Island, LA

There were no CSA soldiers interred here, but we consider the day a success since we only drove 130 miles and located the final resting place of two CSA soldiers.

The following will be  updated as we continue to check every known cemetery in Vermilion Parish, Louisiana

CSA Soldiers Interred in Delcambre Catholic Cemetery, Delcambre, LA

Private  Emile L. Hebert Co. D 7 La Cav CSA

Dolze LeBlanc Co. K 4 La. Cav CSA

B. Hulan Co. K 7 La Cav CSA

Benjamin LeBlanc Co. H 7 La Cav CSA

Lt. Adolphe LeBlanc Co L 30 La. Inf. CSA

Aristide Barras co. A 18 La. Inf CSA

Aguste LeBlanc Co. D 18 La. Inf CSA

Numa Morvant Co. A 26 La. Inf CSA

Joseph Gary Co. K 7 La Cav CSA

Severin Frederick Co. E 10 La Inf. CSA

Philip Reaux Co. F Fournetís La Inf..CSA

Alcide Ducharme Co. G 7 La. Cav CSA

Joseph Poirier Co. A Cons, 18th Regt & Yellow Jacket Battn.

CSA Soldiers Interred In Erath, LA Catholic Cemetery

The cemetery is located behind Our Lady Of Lourdes Catholic Church

Rosiclaire Landry Co. F Miles La. Legion CSA

Joseph Gary Co. G 10 La. Inf CSA

Felicien Domingue Co. F Fournetís La. Inf.. CSA

Simonet LaChaussee Co. C 7 La. Cav CSA

Joseph Brasseaux Co. K 7 La. Cav CSA

Pierre Desormeaux Co. A 4 La. Cav CSA

CSA Soldiers Buried Graceland Cemetery, Graceland Ave. Abbeville, LA

L. Galloway Campbell Co. C. 8 LA. Inf.

Joseph Trahan Co. D. 7 LA. Inf.

Uriah W. Stansbury Co. C. 8 LA. Inf.

Felix Chauvin Co. H  26 La. Inf.

Wakeman W. Edwards Bell's Regiment

More CSA soldiers have been located at Graceland and will be added as I confirm their service.

St. Mary Magdalene Old Catholic Cemetery

(Behind) Church on Washington Street, Abbeville, LA

Pierre Theoland LaLande CO. B, 10th Battalion, La Infantry CSA

G. V. Romero LA. Conscripts

P. Butaud Co. 1 3 LA. Cav.

3 Lt. Eloi LeBlanc CO. E. Vermilion LA. Mil.

Trasemond C. Guidry CO. C. 7La. Cav.

F. J. Herbert Co. E. 7 La. Cav.

S. Le Blanc Co. K. 18 La. Inf.

Leonce Perret Co. K. 18 La. Inf.

Alcide LeBlanc 18 LA. Inf. Sept. 16, 1840 - June 5, 1919

Minos Broussard Co. C. 7 La. Cav.

Jules Broussard Co. E. 26 La. Inf.

St. Mary Cemetery (Old Kaplan Road) Abbeville, LA

Maptin Touchet Co. B. 8 La. Cav.

Hubert LaBauve Co. A 8 Tex. Inf.

Pierre Broussard Co. 1 LA. Hv. Arty

Nicholas Meaux Co. F. Miles Legion

John E. Bourque Co. E. 18 La. Inf.

Levi H. Kibbe Co. C. 4 La. Inf.

A. M. Hebert Co. C. 7 La. Inf.

Clerville Blanchet Co. K. 18 La. Inf.

Jule Bernard Co. C. 7 La. Cav. 1843 1907

Onezime Meaux Co. K. 18 La. Inf.

Dolzie Frederick Co. B. 16 La. Inf.

Andrew J. Porter SR. Co. E. 18 La. Inf.

Godfrey Bonvillain Co. L. 6 La. Inf. 1844 - 1921

Bancker Cemetery, Henry, LA.

From Abbeville, LA take Highway 330 South toward Henry, LA. Turn Right on Bancker Road. Follow road to end Cemetery on left.

Antoine Drounette Co. G 1 La Hv Arty CSA

Cornelius L. Rice Co. C 8 La Inf CSA

Lessin  Dubois 1 La Militia CSA

Delino Private Cemetery , Henry, LA

From Abbeville take highway 330 South past the Banker road and through the community of Henry. Turn on Thomas Delino Road

Henry J. Moss Co. I , 7 La. Cav CSA

Robert Collins : Co B,7 LA Cav CSA Note: Grave is marked Jessie Collins

Austin Lee, Pvt. Co. K, 18th La. Inf. ( Shiloh) 



Landry Cemetery , Erath, LA

From Erath, La take highway 331 South until Sea Robin gas Plant leave highway just before S curve at plant site and continue ahead on country road . The road bends right and continue to the end of the road and turn left at the Tee. 100 yards ahead see a sign that says private road and dead end. Turn right onto limestone road and continue to the end.

Leo Landry Co. A 18 La. Cav CSA

Lastie Dubois Co. A 7 La. Cav CSA

Emile Broussard Co. E 7 La. Cav CSA

Floreston S. Primeaux Co. E 7 La. Cav CSA

Charles Fredrick Co. B 7 La. Cav CSA

Broussard Cemetery, S.W. of Kaplan, LA

six miles West of Kaplan, LA turn left on Meridian Line Road. Go four miles and turn right on Cemetery Road. Cemetery at end of the road.

John Dastas Co. H Miles La. Legion CSA

Broussard Cemetery, South of Kaplan, LA

From Kaplan, Louisiana go South on highway 35 to Forked Island community. Turn left on Highway 82 and go one mile.

Henry C. Harrington Pvt. Co. F, 12 Regt. La. Inf. CSA

Primeaux Cemetery, South Of Erath, LA

From Erath, Louisiana go south on highway 331 till just past the city limits. Turn right on Boat Shop Road. Go two miles and turn right on Primeaux Cemetery Road.

Clairville Landry Pvt. in Co. H., 18th La Inf.  

 Aurilien P. Primeaux  Pvt. Co. B, 7th La. Cav

Primo, Euclide (Primeaux), Pvt., Co. -- Louisiana Unit Unknown CSA

The burial site of Clairville Landry ,Great Great Grandfather of Travis J. Callahan

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Cemetery
Leroy Catholic Cemetery, Leroy, LA

Jules Morvant  Co A 26th LA INF

Clet Miguez Co G 7th LA Cavalry

CPL Sostheane Landry Co A  26th LA INF

Theodule Broussard  CO A Weatherby's LA INF

John J. Abshire Co K  18th Consolidated Regiment (no marker)

Aurelien Simon  
  Co. D, 18th La. Inf. Roll Jan. and Feb., 1863

Indian Bayou Methodist Cemetery
Indian Bayou, LA

Richard P. Stakes
Pvt.Co.B 16th Battalion La.Inf. (Confed.Grds.Response) Enlisted-Sept.12,1862  Federal Rolls of Prisoners of War, Captured Bayou Contableau October 22,1863 Recd. New Orleans,La. November 2,1863 Forwaded to New Iberia, La. December 21,1863 Exchanged New Iberia La December 22, 1863 16th Battalion, Louisiana Infantry (Confederate Guards Response Battalion)  Confederate Guards Response Battalion [also called 12th or 16th Battalion] was organized during the early spring of 1862. Two companies fought at Shiloh, then the unit servedinthe District of Western Louisiana and was active at Fort Bisland. During the summer of 1863 it merged into the Crescent Louisiana Infantry Regiment. Major Franklin H. Clack  command
Hugh G. Wagnor  Co K 8th LA Cav

Austin Dailey Co. F 8th La Cav

Pecan Island Public Cemetery
records show four CSA soldiers buried here  but a visit to the cemetery failed to find anyone old enough in the cemetery.

Woodlawn Cemetery near Woodlawn Bridge on Highway 82 North of Abbeville, LA

J. Schexnaildre Watsonís Battery La Arty, CSA

Holy Rosary Catholic Cemetery, Irving Street, Kaplan, LA

Aristide Hebert Co. C 7 La Cav CSA

Lessin Abshire Co. D 1 La Hv Arty

Philozie Herpin Co I 18 La Inf

Cossinade Cemetery Kaplan La. North on Highway 13, turn right on Cossinade Road

Simon Breaux Co. E 26 Regt. La Inf. CSA

Antoine Herpin Co. K 18 La. Inf CSA

Moise Herpin Co. K 18 La. Inf CSA

Theogene Hebert Co. G Miles La. Legion CSA

Alcide Landry 10th Battalion La Inf. CSA

Meance Boulet 

1st Regiment Heavy Artillery Co. B
29th Regiment Infantry

 32nd Regiment Infantry Co. G (known as Milesí Legion)

33rd Regiment Infantry Co. F.

Dupre Girouard Co. G 18th Louisiana Infantry 

& Yellow Jacket Battalion

 Maurice, LA Catholic Cemetery

Cemetery is located behind the Catholic Church

Jules Boudreaux Co C 1 LA HY Arty CSA

Paul Duhon Co. G La. Legion CSA

Pierre Broussard Co. I 2 LA Cav CSA

Alexander Dartez Co. I 1 LA Hy Arty CSA

Dosite Duhon Co. F 7 La Cav CSA

Drozin Duhon Co. A Crescent La. Inf. CSA

Onezine Trahan Co. D 7 La Cav CSA

Martin Broussard Co. K 18 La Inf. CSA

Pierre Trahan Co. F 18 La. Inf. CSA

Lozin Comeau Co. E 26 La. Inf. CSA

Treville Broussard Co. A 26 La. Inf. CSA


Delcambre, Louisiana  Migues Cemetery

From Highway 14 turn right on Railroad Street, go through town cemetery on right side of road.

 Jean Joseph Robert 7 La. Cav CSA

Desire Trahan  Co. D   18 La. Inf CSA\

Gueydan Cemetery, Gueydan, Louisiana

Head South on Highway 91 , go 2 miles cemetery on left.

William Lawrence Truman  1st Mo. Battery  CSA

2nd Lt. Joseph Pipes  Co. I , 12 Regt.  CSA

Mathew Rowe  Co. E ,Waller's Tex. Cav CSA

 JAMES M Hardee , Infantry, 24th Regiment CO. I & B

Shell Beach  Cemetery,  Gueydan, Louisiana

Desire Hebert
  Texas Cavalry Company A. Sgt.Maj. Dec 64: Elected 2LT, Sabine, TX, 19 Dec 64. Jan-Feb 65:   Apr 65: Pres. for duty, Post of Sabine Pass, TX. [NFR.]

Sevignier Broussard Family Cemetery , Milton, LA

 Eugene Broussard  Co F, 18th LA Inf.

Harrington Family Cemetery At Forked Island, LA


To Be continued as research progresses



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